Instrument Costs or what to expect?

COSTS of instruments vary greatly, depending on the instrument, and whether or not there is a great variety in the quality of the build, but our own personal rule of thumb is this:

FIRST: Before incurring costly purchases (even though we know how much you’d like to run out an buy one, for a birthday or whatever), we strongly suggest that you either:

A) *borrow or B) rent or C) **rent-to-own an instrument. When the student initiates practice, and is truly attached to the one he or she is using as a loaner then it makes perfect sense to invest in that one, or in a better one.

SECOND: We strongly suggest that you discuss it with your teacher.

*Some teachers have a second instrument available for loan, for a month or so, at very minimal cost, and we have found it to be a great way to get established with an instrument.

**Most music stores offer “rent-to-own” options, and even trade-ins to upgrade, don’t be afraid to ask.

Instruments become tremendously personal after a very short time. With that in mind, remember that a certain period of TIME must go by before you will know what will suit you or your child.

Us musicians love and respect our instruments. If you notice someone who does NOT do that, then be very suspect of their talents. If you found them on MMC then we’ve already sourced them as very good and talented, but in case some fall thru the cracks, please note:

We have yet to see a great musician, who is anything less than loving and respectful of their instrument. No kidding.


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