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Name - Demo Cates
Location - TORONTO, ON, M5H
Intersection -
Phone -
Email -
Website -
Instrument - saxophone
Level - intermediate, advanced
Place - teacher's studio
Schedule - variable, please contact
Price - 1/2 hour, hourly, weekly, monthly, deposit, etc.
Bio - Having honed his craft since the age of nine, Cates mesmerized audiences with his skills with the sax, but it was musical stage productions that challenged him in all areas. From early years in training at the Lee Strasberg Acting School , to playing "Mufasa" in the Broadway production of Disney's "The Lion King", Cates has had the opportunity to fully showcase his musical and vocal gifts. Drawing upon his unique perspectives from a vast life experience, success is often downplayed by this humble man of spirituality, who sees his mission as only half-done. Clearly a man lead by his faith, it is easy to bask in his joyful karma, wrapped in the raspy voice of a true musician. "Tis this joy of inspiration, empathy, or motivation which touches your heart through artistic wisdom." His newest CD, released this fall: The Cates Fomin Project, can be purchased on itunes, and is regularly featured on JAZZ FM 91.

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