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Name - Jamie Anderson
Location - Ottawa, ON, K1L 6Y4
Intersection - St. Laurent & Montreal
Phone -
Email -
Website -
Instrument - Guitar, Mandolin, Songwriting
Level - beginner, intermediate,
Place - student's house, teacher's studio
Schedule - 30 minute lessons, afternoons Mon/Tues/Wed
Price - 1/2 hour, hourly, weekly, monthly, deposit, etc.
Payment Plan - please contact for specifics
Genres - please contact for specifics
Bio - Jamie Anderson toured full time as a singer-songwriter for 13 years. Between gigs she taught at Duke University, arts centers and at festivals. In 2004 she moved toward more teaching and now it’s her bread and butter. Jamie remembers what it was like to learn that first chord. When she sits down with a beginning student, she can take herself back to that place, teaching with empathy and patience. Likewise with a more advanced student. Although teaching started out as an activity to do between tours it’s turned into something she genuinely loves doing. Jamie is proficient in many styles, particularly acoustic rock, folk, bluegrass, country and singer-songwriter; she also knows her share of power chords, blues licks and jazz chords. She teaches songwriting and beginning mandolin too. Please read her articles on evaluating a guitar teacher:

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